Whether it be for a personal anniversary / birthday / commemoration (incl. funeral services) / holiday memories, GUILA Media can develop the slideshow/movieshow for you. In fact we can provide expert service to anyone in Australia by email but the time required for posting the final DVD needs to be taken into account.

Our DVD slideshows start at AUS$120. Our productions are carefully planned, professional and imaginative. We expect a result which is well coordinated and incorporating an appropriate balance of text, captions, photos, visual effects and sound (with the inclusion of audio recordings and video, if available). Suitable transitions, pans and zooms can be assumed.

The effects applied take the nature of the occasion into account (solemn, dignified, happy, outlandish, etc.). Email us for more detail on pricing – we think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Click on the graphic link below to view a sample GUILA Media slideshow. (We've used a variety of images for this purpose, without any real theme, so you've got to imagine your own supplied pics with chosen soundtracks or songs.) In theory, there is almost no limit to the number of photo pages or videos. However, we can assist in carefully planning a time suitable for the occasion.

If you require music built into your slideshow, it must be purchased legally (music store, iTunes or legitimate other), taking into account its intended use (personal, commercial, etc), then provided to us for inclusion. We usually plan between 1 and 5 soundtracks.

Think about your very own pictorial autobiography! Tell your life-story in photos, videos and sound. We can say from personal experience that this is a VERY rewarding experience. Great for playing at significant birthdays and not to be kept in the drawer until it is too late!

If you need old photos restored, we can provide that service. Just tell us what you need and we'll provide an up-front price. Keep in mind however that we always do basic improvements free of charge.

The slideshow will be presented to you on a personalised DVD. Depending on the package you choose, you can also receive a spare DVD and a USB memory drive for computer archiving, including TV, PC and Mac formats.

Our DVD productions are of the highest quality. Assuming supplied pics are in focus, you will not see fuzzy photos, fuzzy videos or fuzzy text on GUILA Media DVDs.

We will need up to 1 hour for an initial meeting when we first plan the slideshow. It is preferred for you to visit us (north of the river). If we come to you, there will need to be a modest charge. (You will need to be within 30km of the Perth GPO). Otherwise you visit us, or email, or post!

The personnel at Guila Media have had an involvement with publishing, artwork, photography and computer-based graphic design, illustration and presentation for more than 20 years.

For more information or to make an appointment please email admin@guilamedia.com.au.

Click on this graphic link to view the sample slideshow. (It is a moderately large file and might take up to three minutes to open, depending on your connections.) Remember to use your imagination as to how it can be created for your family, friends, occasion or circumstances.









 GUILA Images provides a worldwide photographic stock library. We specialise in termite pics as well as mosquito pics, ant pics, cockroach pics, spider pics, bees, wasps, snails, caterpillars, silverfish, pigeons and more. GUILA Images also carries extensive stock of Asiana pics, Australiana pics and Sport and Action.